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10 things you should check regularly in a car to avoid costly repairs

10 things you should check regularly in a car to avoid costly repairs

Your car is a big investment, so you want to do everything you can to take care of it. That means staying on top of regular maintenance. As a car owner, it is important to be proactive in maintaining your vehicle to avoid costly repairs.

10 things you should check regularly in a car to avoid costly repairs

Here are 10 things you should check regularly: 

1. Check the engine oil level and quality. Oil change within 3,000-6,000 kilos.

2. Check the tire pressure and tread depth. Are the tires eating? Are the alignments correct?

3. Check the air filter and replace it regularly.

4. Battery cables, Check the heads. Clean them as required.

5. Replace the timing belt within 80,000-100,000 km.

6. Check the power steering fluid regularly.

7. Check the wipers. Check the wiper blades on a regular basis and replace them immediately if the rubber on the blades is worn out or cracked. This will ensure that you have a clear view of the road while driving in any weather condition.

8. Always keep your brakes in good condition.

9. Coolant should be at normal level. It’s important to regularly check the level of engine coolant and top it up if necessary. The coolant level should be between the “min” and “max” markers on the side of the overflow tank. If it’s below the “min” marker, add a good quality coolant until it reaches the “max” marker.

10. Check and replace the spark plugs if necessary.

To summarise, it is critical to check the following ten items in your car on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs: engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, spark plugs, tyres, and wiper blades. Taking these precautions will save you both time and money in the long run. In addition, inspect the hoses and belts, headlights and taillights, and exhaust system for any leaks, cracks, or holes.

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